The Best Holiday Movies

Let’s get lit this season and ring in the most wonderful time of the year with a few of the best holiday movies known to man. When heading out to your next festive celebration, come prepared with one of our curated gift boxes and a few holiday movie ideas that sleigh.

ELF (2003)

Treat yo’elf to a Christmas comedy. In this film, Will Ferrell’s character, Buddy, is a human raised by elves at the North Pole. After travelling to New York to meet his biological father, Buddy is on a mission to discover his true identity and spread some Christmas cheer along the way.

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Can you tell we like comedies? In this Christmas classic, the Griswold family is determined to have the perfect family Christmas at home, but nothing seems to go according to plan! From a Christmas tree fiasco to unannounced family guests and a cancelled Christmas bonus, the Griswold’s holiday turns into a comical remix of what they had originally envisioned.

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Not in the Christmas spirit? Neither were the Kranks. In this film, the Kranks decide to skip Christmas for the year, while their daughter is away. Pressure from neighbors and their daughter’s last-minute announcement to return home leaves the Kranks with only a few hours to perform a Christmas miracle and get their home holiday-ready.

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Careful what you wish for. Eight-year-old troublemaker, Kevin McCallister, wishes his family would just disappear. His wish quickly comes true when his family accidentally leaves him behind when they head out for their holiday trip to Paris. Kevin is then left home alone to fend for himself and protect his family home from two burglars!

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Tim Allen’s character, Scott Calvin, elfed up… After accidentally killing Santa Clause on Christmas Eve, Scott and his son are left to deliver all of the presents remaining in Santa’s sleigh. Upon returning the sleigh to the North Pole, Scott discovers he has been recruited to take Santa’s place for years to come.

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We hope this blog post was helpful in discovering a few of the best holiday movies! Don’t forget to shop our curated boxes to gift at your next movie night and gift exchange. Happy holidays!


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